Africa’s incredible wildlife is the central reason to go on safari, of course. The opportunity to see these charismatic animals up close, wandering freely in their beautiful, ancient homeland cannot be overstated. That, combined with a winning combination of powerful landscapes and indulging resorts, Africa is cementing its status as one of the most sought-after destinations for travel.

Each day on safari brings new perspectives and experiences. Snow-capped mountains. Cavernous valleys. Sweeping savannahs. Vast deserts. Lush forests. Sparkling lakes. Arid plains. Romantic beaches. Vibrant waterfalls. And, most especially, animals by the thousands.

And safari is not ONLY about the animals and landscapes.  When we combine safari with local culture, you will witness for yourself the full beauty of Africa, reflected not only in its natural resources but also in the graciousness of the local people. Now imagine yourself having a picnic on a safari, in the midst of all this and soaking it all in. Or perhaps dinner with a local family.  Playing soccer with local children.  Anything is possible!

Your safari can also be truly enhanced with visits to and engagement with local humanitarian and conservation efforts. Africa has given so much to us, now it’s time to GIVE BACK! So if philanthropic travel is your thing, Africa is a great place to be – to enhance the lives of its children and ensuring the maintenance of its environment.

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience that will feed your spirit and nourish your soul forever.