Going to Tanzania means making at least one of your wildest dreams come true, it can include everything from safaris, incredibly rich wildlife and great experiences of nature, mountain climbing to the beach and big-city excitement.

Tanzania is a feast for the senses, a wildly beautiful and culturally rich country, where expansive wilderness, and intimate interactions in small tribal villages, are equally accessible to adventurous souls.

It also holds many undiscovered treasures, from the sun-drenched plains of the Serengeti, in search of the Big Five, to Ngorongoro a vast natural colosseum offering unique vistas and spectacular wildlife, the snowy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in the north beckons keen climbers, and the exotic beaches and spice plantations of Zanzibar,  explore Stone Town and relax on their bright white beaches, and resorts. 

“The African Queen” has it all, combined thrills of the safari circuit with the peaceful Arabian feel of Zanzibar- Prepare yourself for the unforgettable! 

Let's start putting the pieces together