South American Journey

Family Trip to Brazil

South America has it all – ancient and modern, nature and urban –  it is an urbanite’s dream and is an adventure lovers’ paradise. In Argentina, we’ll feast on the bountiful local ingredients, Asado style. In Buenos Aires, you’ll discover everything from fashionable boutiques and galleries to bohemian neighborhoods with cobblestone roads and colonial-style buildings. 

In Rio De Janeiro, we’ll go on boat rides, dive into snorkeling, and discover one of the most musical places in the world. This is truly a place with a vibe of endless energy to warm your soul! Explore Patagonia, known as the ‘end of the world’, in Southern Chile, you’ll marvel at the majestic glaciers and stunning lagoons. We’ll absorb the local energy with salsa, tango, and samba.

We’ll spend time with communities that you didn’t even know existed, enjoy intimate encounters with artisans, bricklayers, cooks, and young entrepreneurs. Feel the spray of the Iguazu Falls; discover Gaucho traditions, take a photography safari in the Pantanal in Brasil. Climb Macchu Picchu and explore the other-worldly Galapagos Islands.

The opportunities here are endless and fascinating, and adventure waits for you at every turn! Together, we’ll dive deeper into the language, the customs, and – naturally – the food.

A mix of living and ancient cultures, a blend of music and energy unlike anywhere else, and an abundance of gastronomy, South America is truly the place to immerse yourself in so much learning through your soul, not to mention your palate.

Discover the wonders of South America on this once-in-a-lifetime, multi-sensual 10-day tailor-made tour to Brazil and Argentina. Soak up the sun on the famous beaches of Rio, enjoy nature and breathtaking views throughout, experience the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival and simply fall in love with this alluring region, and its vibrant cultures. 


  • Witness the spectacular scenery of Rio de Janeiro
  • Experience the unique backstage  of the samba schools (where you can dance and listen to a live samba band)
  • Meet the locals of Rocinha favela, and learn about their daily life
  • Marvel in the natural beauty of the mighty Iguazu Falls
  • Feel the rhythm of the tango in Buenos Aires at a stunning dance performance
  • Indulge the Argentinian culinary scene, and meet real Gauchos

Day 1: Welcome to Rio

Tudo Bom! Rio de Janeiro, which translates to “river of January”, sits on the Atlantic coast of Brazil and is the country’s second-largest city just behind São Paulo. For over two centuries it was the bustling capital of Brazil and it is still, to this day, one of the most important commercial and political centers in the country. Upon arrival, you will discover the beautiful area of Lagoa, Parque Lage and the Botanical garden of Rio de Janeiro. 

Day 2: Explore the classic Rio De Janeiro

Let’s start our tour and enjoy two days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Visit the Museum of Tomorrow; explore, imagine, and conceive all the possibilities for constructing the future. Are you ready to witness beauty? Hon board of a cable car for the ascent to the peak of The Sugarloaf Mountain, situated at the mouth of Guanabara Bay, stopping once at a scenic viewpoint. 

Day 3: Discover vibrant Rio

Visit the largest urban forest in the world “Tijuca Atlantic Forest”, get an in-depth, compassionate tour of the Rocinha favela– a melting pot of arts and crafts, join the “Carnival Experience”, showing you the backstage of the creation of the show and the history of the birth of samba and of the Rio de Janeiro carnival, prepare for an explosion of colors, creativity, drums, and music! 

Day 4: Tropical Tijuca Islands Boat Ride

Enjoy a beautiful boat ride for about 6 hours, during the ride we will tour around the islands of Rio, you will be able to snorkel and swim in the Atlantic ocean, and have drinks, fruits, and snacks onboard.

Day 5: Fly to Iguazú Falls 

Early in the morning (depending on flight time), we will drive to the airport and fly to the Iguacu Waterfalls located in the border triangle of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, explore the Brazilian side to get the best panoramic view. From there continue to a special bird park – Parque Das Aves near the reserve, one of the biggest in Latin America.

Day 6: Get into the wild

Today you will visit the Argentinian side of the falls, and have a dinner and a special show at The Rafain Churrascaria- won a Guinness World Record of the largest number of national dances presented at a dinner show!

Day 7: Water as Energy 

Be amazed by one of the largest power plants in the world, Itaipu Dam. Enjoy a panoramic tour of the majestic plant as you discover secrets and historic details about this incredible renewable energy project. Arrival to Buenos Aires. 

Day 8: Enjoy a city tour of the “Paris of the Americas”, Bienvenidos to Buenos Aires!

Visit the presidential palace, walk on July 9th, the broadest avenues in the world, and tour the magnificent cemetery of Recoleta, where Evita Perron’s tomb is located, and view of the congress square.

Day 9: La Estancia – Meet the Real Gauchos

Visit a ranch (estancias) near Buenos Aires, learn about the gaucho folklore and culture and enjoy a traditional barbecue lunch “Asado”. Party down at a “fiesta Gaucha,” taste Argentinean empanadas and wine, and enjoy dancing as you learn about the life of an Argentine gaucho.

Day 10:La Boca and San Telmo Neighborhoods & Markets 

Enjoy a Special Tango Tour of the neighborhood and listen to the story of Tango Music. Visit the Falklands War Memorial and the site of the old Israeli embassy, enjoy a local tango show including dinner. 

Say goodbye to this charming city. 


Admire the wonders that Brazil has to offer in this 12-day family tour. 

Brazil is a family-friendly country that has a wide range of attractions for kids; endless fun on sun-kissed beaches, walk in rainforests, boat and train rides, abundant wildlife-watching opportunities, and feel free to samba too, of course! Our tailor-made, family-friendly itinerary makes sure that you and your family make the very most of your holiday time.


  • Discover rainforests, blue lagoons, and splendid beaches
  • Visit Brazil’s biggest icons (including Sugarloaf Mountain)
  • Absorb some Brazilian culture by participating in a cooking class and dance the samba! 
  • Participate in a social and cultural project (Morrinho project) 
  • Explore both sides of Iguazu falls

Day 1: Welcome to Brazil! 

Optional: tour to Villa Ribeirinha,  depart in speed boat towards Museu do Seringal, then to the Indigenous Community of Cipiá and the Castanho Lake, where it is possible to observe or swim with the pink river dolphins (only possible for arrivals until 01:00 PM). 

Day 2: Enter the Amazon Rainforest

Head to your Jungle lodge, learn about these wild surroundings by a naturalist expert and enjoy some afternoon activities at the lodge. 

Day 3: Into the Jungle

Enjoy a full day of adventures, canoeing through the Igapós and Igarapés;  hear the sounds of the forest, admire the towering trees, secretive wildlife, awesome river, and visit the local community. 

Dozens of adventure are added to each ride according to the traverlers’ personal preference, which conducts all activities.

Day 4: Amazon Rainforest Immersion

Tour in Archipelago of Anavilhanas looking for Pink Dolphins, hike on Dryland Forests, experience Piranha Fishing, end this exciting day with a Forest nightlife sightseeing in motorized canoes while trying to search for night birds, sloths, snakes, caimans and night sounds.

Day 5: Fly to Rio de Janeiro

Upon arrival, meet your guide at the airport and be transferred in a private vehicle to your accommodation.

Day 6: Nature, Samba and World Wonders

Explore the most famous sights (a tour of Rio’s historic center and march on Rio Branco Boulevard, Museum of Tomorrow, Corcovado Hill with the Jesus Redentor statue, in Rio ) and a special Carnival experience; visiting the backstage of the creation of the show and the history of the birth of samba and of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. 

Day 7: Sugar Loaf & Botanical Garden

Get to know some of the cultural and natural attractions of the city, such as the Sugar Loaf Mountain and one of the greatest tropical botanical gardens in the world. Optional: Instead of catching the first cable car it’s possible to hike towards Urca Hill (220m). We may walk by Cláudio Coutinho way and take the trail to reach the Urca Hill.

Day 8: Morrinho Project Workshop & Cooking Class 

Participate in Morrinho Project, a social and cultural project based outside the Pereira da Silva favela (slum) in the Southern Zone, with the aim of showing that favela life is multi-dimensional, and endeavors to communicate their own reality through film, plastic arts, theater, and music. Continue to a Cooking Class by Chef Simone Almeida, the premier cooking class since 2009.

Day 9: Fly to Foz do Iguaçu

Upon arrival, meet your guide at the airport and be transferred to your accommodation in a private vehicle.

Day 10: Argentinan Falls Side

Marvel at the thunderous sight of the Falls from the Argentinian side today, and take your time to really enjoy getting to know Brazil. This is the perfect side to get close to several waterfalls via catwalks surrounded by nature.

Day 11: Brazilian Falls Side, participate in the Backstage Experience & Macuco Safari, an incredible visit to the falls from the Brazilian side and a boat trip too. Whirlpools, waves, and currents provoked by the Falls add adrenaline and lots of emotions to this unforgettable tour!

Day 12: Goodbye– Ate a Proxima – Saudade

At the appropriate time, meet your guide at the hotel and be transferred in a private vehicle to the Airport.