Porsche Escapades: Unleash the Thrill of Luxury Driving Adventures in Europe

                                         | Jun 29 – Jul 5 | Oct 26 – Nov 1| 2024


Embark on an extraordinary journey with our meticulously designed Porsche Escapades, where every mile is a testament to precision, power, and the pursuit of unparalleled driving excellence. Covering approximately 900 miles with 400 horsepower at your command, traverse dreamlike landscapes across four countries, immersing yourself in an adventure replete with challenging content.

Crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry of quality driving, our ultimate experience is more than a mere point-to-point venture; it’s an adrenaline-infused odyssey meticulously curated across international borders. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of automotive exhilaration across a stunning backdrop.

Route Length: Approx. 900 miles

Destination: Germany | Switzerland | Italy | Austria

Duration: 5 nights, 6 days 

For full day-by-day itinerary and special terms and conditions click here 


Prices, and Special Terms and Conditions:

*Based on a group of a minimum 20* passengers: USD 5,560 per person, in a double occupancy room | Single supplement on request 

* Maximum 24 passengers per group (The tour requires a minimum of 20 registered participants to proceed).

*If payment is submitted via credit card, an additional fee of 3.5 % will be added.


Included Services:

  • 5 nights, 6 days | Approx. 900 miles of driving.
  • New Porsche 718/911 Convertible Cars.
  • 5 nights hotel accommodation as described in the program or similar.
  • Half Board (breakfast and dinners as described in the itinerary).
  • Fuel expenses (up to 250 euros per car), tolls, night taxes, and hotel parking.
  • Attractions and activities as described in the itinerary.
  • Professional guidance and assistance.


Not Included:

  • Personal expenses.
  • International flights.
  • Travel and medical insurance (a must include insurance for extreme activities). We suggest including full coverage including canceling for any reason.
  • Meals not specified above.
  • Alcoholic beverages during the meals.
  • Room upgrades or “extras” at hotels or any add-ons.
  • Any items not listed as included in this proposal.
  • Tips for local staff.
  • Security deposit on credit card of 2500 euros per couple.


Payment conditions:

  • On booking a payment of USD 750 per person is required.
  • The remainder of the payment is required 60 days before the trip.


Cancellation Conditions:

  • The down payment is not refundable from the moment of the registration.
  • from 61-31 days before the trip, 60% cancelation fee.
  • from 30 days before arrival and until the arrival date 100% cancellation fee.



  • Due to supplier constraints changes in the plan may occur. In such a case, an alternative supplier/ experience of the same level will be chosen.


Important notes:


Car Rental:

  • Our company provides a variety of distinguished car models for customers in advance. Generally, the cars offered to customers are convertible models of “convertible” (with an open roof). However, in exceptional cases where the cars are not available due to a malfunction or accident, our company ensures that the customer will receive the best available car in our fleet, although it may not be a convertible.


Car Rental Policy:

  1. The driver must be over 25 years old, have driving experience of at least 5 years, and possess a valid driver’s license and an international driver’s license.
  2. Presentation of the original driver’s license is mandatory. Nothing else will be accepted.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in rental cars. A high fine will be given to the ones violating this.
  4. In any case, the car should not be left unattended as long as it is running. After completing the journey, please close the roof and windows.
  5. Communication devices received upon receipt are the responsibility of the customer. In case of loss, the customer will pay the price paid by the supplier.
  6. Adherence to the traffic rules of each country is essential. Any traffic violation, parking ticket, etc., will be the customer’s responsibility and at their expense. Additionally, standard maintenance fees, as customary in the rental company, will apply.
  7. Puzzle is not responsible for personal equipment left in the car.
  8. It is prohibited to take cars outside of the trip hours. Each experience has a limited number of kilometers that the car can cover. Exceeding this limit will cost two euros per additional kilometer. This will be checked at the end of the experience by the team and the rental company team. The customer will make the payment upon returning the car.
  9. Any additional costs for releasing the car or towing by law enforcement, etc., will be fully borne by the customer. Puzzle will not be liable for any expenses resulting from the customer’s negligence.
  10. Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited.


Violation of Travel Rules:

  1. Departure of an individual/couple before the end of the experience will result in a full charge with no refund.
  2. If an individual/couple leaves the group before the end of the experience, it will incur personal expenses for personal trips, accommodation in hotels, and any additional expenses not within the framework of the experience.
  3. In case the customer leaves their car and the tour, an additional fee of 2 euros per kilometer will be charged for each kilometer of return travel to the rental company.
  4. In any case, respectful and patient behavior is required throughout the entire experience.
  5. Do not approach suppliers with requests for upgrades and other requests. Please contact our team for any requests to prevent unpleasantness from service providers.
  6. Any physically/verbally violent behavior is not acceptable. The person will be removed from the experience and will not receive a refund.


Insurance and Services:

  1. Each car has insurance according to the regulations of the country from which it is taken. Self-participation in case of damage or accident – 2500 euros.
  2. Any damage (not negligence) caused to the car, regardless of its cause, will be subject to the above self-participation and will be collected after clarification and review by the rental company. After the clarification, an invoice for the arranged cost will be sent, and the amount will be collected from the credit card deposit left by the customer at the time of picking up the car from the rental company.
  3. As part of your insurance for the trip we recommend doing deductible insurance for a rented car (you can also do it with various companies).
  4. Puzzle will not cover any loss of personal belongings.
  5. Deficiencies, breakages, and internal damages will incur full self-participation costs.
  6. Damage to the lower part of the car is not covered by the insurance company.
  7. Theft in case of negligence is also not covered by the insurance.
  8. Smoking damages will incur a maximum self-participation cost.
  9. Personal accessories should not be attached to the car, including its roof and plastic parts.



  1. The luggage service, on behalf of Puzzle, will transport the luggage from hotel to hotel. In any case, Puzzle will not be responsible for the passengers’ luggage and its contents. We work with the best and most reliable luggage service companies in the industry.
  2. We recommend obtaining luggage service insurance as part of the travel insurance you independently purchase.
  3. In the event of the detention of luggage by various law enforcement authorities at border crossings and the airport, the customer is responsible for any exceptional item of luggage that is discovered and must address the relevant authorities. The provider is not responsible for the extraordinary contents discovered, transferring this responsibility to the customer.

Accident | Mechanical Failure:

  1. In the event of an accident or mechanical failure, the company undertakes to provide the customer with a replacement vehicle for up to 24 hours from the incident. All are subject to availability at the company that guarantees the supplier. There is no commitment that the replacement vehicle provided to the customer will be of the same or equivalent model as the malfunctioning one.
  2. In the aforementioned case, the customer will be attached to the host vehicle until receiving the replacement vehicle.


  1. If a replacement vehicle is not provided to the customer within 24 hours of the incident, the customer will be compensated as follows: a. On the first day of the journey – a sum of 950 euros, on the second and third days of the journey – a sum of 600 euros, on the fourth and fifth days – a sum of 500 euros (the compensation is per car). For clarification, the amount specified in clause an above is a one-time payment that will be equally distributed per car in the malfunctioning married vehicle.


On the way:

  1. Each participant will receive a travel kit that specifies points, details, phone numbers, and information in case of need. The participant is obligated to keep the kit and return it to the supplier at the end of the journey. Communication devices in the vehicle are available to prevent various road issues and guidance from the team; they should not be used for any other purpose.
  2. Care should be taken to drive carefully, especially in rural and urban areas! Any instruction received from the team is mandatory!
  3. Participants should adhere to the leading vehicle throughout the route unless receiving different guidance from the leading team. Maintain a reasonable distance between vehicles to avoid unpleasant incidents during the journey. Proper guidance will be provided by the team before the experience begins.
  4. If there will be a need for extra overnight accommodation or any additional services, Puzzle will not bear the additional costs (accommodation, meals, etc.).
  5. Note that changes in the itinerary may occur due to reasons related to the opening/closure of routes and other objective reasons.
  6. Any physical or health damage will be covered in full by the customer or the travel insurance purchased. Puzzle will not have any responsibility related to the health of customers or bodily injuries if, God forbid, they occur during the experience.

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