From a Sahara Jeep tour to a Jewish heritage journey to connecting with local weavers and artisans. Discover incredible mountain views, picturesque landscapes and North African vibes.

Morocco is a feast for all your senses. We’ll learn about local spices, sip traditional Morrocan mint tea, and wander through the Medinas, where a maze-like tapestries of narrow streets and high stone walls lure you in.

We’ll trek through canyons and endless oases and feast on couscous and tagines alongside memorable tea rituals. We’ll connect to the culture, food and traditions of nomads and traders.  In the North, take in the beauty of the Palmaraie, a palm oasis of several thousand trees outside of Marrakech and in the South take in breathtaking plant life and cultivation with wildflowers and cherry orchardsds that lead the way to nature’s beauty.

Leave here with a whole new appreciation of culture, traditions, and a repertoire of Morrocan recipes influenced by Arab, Andalusian and Meditereanean cuisines and sophisticated souk discoveries.

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