Whether you’re looking for sun, sea, and sand or want to take your own odyssey into the magnificent mythos of Greece’s long and ancient history, this country of thousands of islands, endless olive groves, and endless hospitality is one of the world’s best travel destinations. 

Discover the ruins of ancient Athenian democracy, following in the footsteps of ancient politicians like Perikles. Explore mystical Delphi and marvel at the still-impressive oracle. Embrace the laid-back taverna lifestyle where locals clink glasses of local red wine over mezze and fish.

Go island-hopping – perhaps you want to party in Mykonos, soak up Minoan history in Crete, marvel at the white hillsides of Santorini, or simply get away from it all on monastic Amorgos.  Greece is awash with culture, history, and one of the world’s greatest cuisines, all wrapped up in xenophilia – the long tradition of friendship to strangers.

Wake up in the wine country surrounding Thessaloniki, or discover the ancient, dark forests of Epirus. Walk into tiny Kafenieos (cafés) where old men drink ouzo, play backgammon in a thick fog of smoke, locked in a timeless moment of Greek culture. Dance like Zorba on the Cretan beaches of Akropoli, and free your spirit, ready to trek up Mt Olympus to the very home of the Gods themselves. 

Embrace the unexpected and make new friends. Greece is a playground for your passions, where a new, sun-drenched adventure awaits around every corner. 

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