Egyptian Journey

Wonders of Egypt and of the Nile River

Step into the land of the Pharaohs, discover the ancient treasures, cultures and remnants of a country with a long, rich and fascinating past.  See 5500 years of history living in the people of Egypt, in the markets and squares, along the banks of the Nile and in the red- and orange-hued colors of the setting sun reflected in the endless sand of the Sahara Desert.

Will you follow in the footsteps of Cleopatra, cruise the Nile in a traditional wooden sailboat known as a felucca, camel-trek around the ancient pyramids and sip tea or eat baba ghanouj with the locals? Or would you rather just chill in the pool of your five-star Nile cruise ship while experiencing Egyptian hospitality at its best?

On the West Bank of the Nile river and the Valley of the Kings, we’ll discover magnificent tombs carved deep into desert rocks. These tombs tell their own stories through the treasures of the afterlife, gifted to generations of Pharaohs. From witnessing the great Sphinx of Giza to stunning temples all the way to a culinary adventure of spices and meats. Here, you’ll discover many facets of religion and history where it all began, from the mosques of Islamic Cairo to the churches of Cairo’s Coptic population, as well as the magnificent temples of the city’s Jewish community. At night, we’ll roam the markets of Cairo and discover ancient books, trinkets, and handcrafted jewelry boxes alongside Kilim carpets.

Egypt is a gateway to discovery, land of ancient monuments, and filled with stunning remains of the past – all topped off with seaside excursions to explore coral reefs and the fascinating red sea’s Blue Hole.  Join us as we travel, eat and connect throughout the cradle of civilization.

Egypt – where history began.  Land of mystery.  A world of temples, mummies, felucca sailboats and exotic bazaars.

Step into a world filled with giant statues, temples, and legendary pyramids and have a life-changing experience by witnessing – no experiencing – all this hypnotic beauty, spectacular wonders, and the grand history of Egypt. 

Go beyond the “iconic” Egypt in seven energetic days, full of epic adventures and mysteries. 

Embark on an incredible journey to the very heart of Egypt, visit the unforgettable Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx before exploring the cultural treasures of Cairo, experience an amazing safari tour to the magic lake in al Fayoum oasis, save time flying to Luxor with allowing time for in-depth discovery, visit the West Bank, Valley of the Kings, the most magnificent burial ground the world has ever seen, end in Aswan to explore the highlights of this Nubian country such as the High Dam and the Philae Temple. 



  •  Gaze at the pyramids and mysterious sphinx
  •  Explore ancient temples and monuments
  •  Visit Luxor and the Valleys of the Kings and Queens
  •  Embrace the culture and meet remarkable people
  •  Participate in exciting activities in Fayoum
  •  All tours are accompanied by a private Egyptologist 

Day 1: Welcome to Cairo

Arrive in Cairo, drive to your hotel and check-in. Have a special lunch on a traditional Felucca and cruise the river Nile and experience Cairo from the water, sailing down the same river Cleopatra did so many centuries ago. Watch the sunsets over Egypt’s capital. 

Day 2: The Great Pyramids

Drive to Plateau of Giza, where the Great Pyramids are located. Enjoy an excursion to The Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus. Enjoy a sunset desert trekking by Camel ride, stop for a cup of tea and authentic hospitality at a Bedouin desert camp

Enjoy dinner at the best-grilled chicken restaurant in town with a great panoramic view. 

Day 3: Sightseeing in Cairo

Visit The Egyptian Museum, a fascinating tour of 7,000 years of Egyptian history with a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. Explore the hilltop Citadel of Saladin, built-in 1183 to defend against Crusader armies. Continue to Old Cairo to explore its famous Coptic churches and the Synagogue of Ben Ezra. 

Have an Egyptian dinner cruise alongside a traditional Egyptian art show such as `the belly dancing show Tanoura Fan show & Arabic live music Band`.

Day 4: A Day in Fayoum

Drive towards al Fayoum oasis, and visit the Qarun Lake one of the natural and oldest lakes in the world, explore many wonderful and beautiful kinds of birds that migrate to Fayoum Oasis to Sandboarding & Safari experience to witness the beautiful sand dunes and additional activities such as volleyball. 

Day 5: Luxor  “world’s greatest open-air museum”

Transfer to Cairo airport to board your flight to Luxor, Visit The East Bank of Luxor (Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple).

Explore the Karnak Temple, built over more than a thousand years by generations of Pharaohs. Continue to Luxor Temple, starting with the strikingly graceful Temple of Luxor dedicated to the god Amun. Admire its columns, courts, and statues; and discover how it was embellished by Tutankhamun and Alexander the Great.

Day 6: The Valley of the Kings and Queens

Drive to the West Bank – The Valley of the Kings and Queens, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari and the Colossi Memnon. Tour the magnificent tombs carved into the desert rocks, decorated richly, and filled with treasures for the afterlife by generations of Pharaohs. Continue to the Hatshepsut Temple the only female Pharaoh. On your way back to the Nile River, pass by the famed Colossi of Memnon, known in Ancient Greek times for their haunting voices at dawn.\

Day 7: Aswan – The pearl of the Nile

Drive to Aswan, on the northern end of the First Cataract, marking ancient Egypt’s southern frontier, Aswan has always been of great strategic importance. Arrive in Aswan, visit The Unfinished Obelisk,  the large unfinished obelisk in the Northern Quarries has provided valuable insight into how these monuments were created, although the full construction process is still not entirely clear. Continue to The Philae Temple which was built on the honor of goddess Isis the chief deity of the island, and the High Dam, an engineering miracle built in 1960 protecting Egypt from annual floods from the Nile. After lunch takes a ride on a Felucca, a typical Egyptian sailboat, around Elephantine Island- the island’s Nubian villages of Siou and Kot, stop at Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens, and the Agha Khan Mausoleum. 

Day 7: Departure – maʿ al-salāmah

Transfer to Aswan airport to board your flight to Cairo.

From Cairo International airport board your departure flight back home.


Egypt – where history began.  Land of mystery.  A world of temples, mummies, felucca sailboats and exotic bazaars.

Discover the wonders of Egypt and the Nile river, a whirlpool of culture, history, and time when all-powerful Pharaohs controlled a mysterious and fabulously wealthy empire that lasted virtually intact for over 5,000 years! Enjoy our 7- day luxurious life of the Nile Valley through Cairo and Nile cruise tour, the perfect way to absorb the secrets of this historic waterway and its surroundings. 

Start in Cairo, the heart of modern-day Egypt, see the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, before traveling to Luxor to embark on the Nile. Cruise to see the temples of ancient Egypt in Luxor, Kom Ombo, Esna, and Aswan, ending with a special excursion to Abu Simbel. 



  •  Admire the beautiful scenery of the Nile Valley along the way
  •  Marvel at of Egypt’s best-preserved temples
  •  A chance to relax and see the must-sees sights of Egypt
  •  Visit the incredible Pyramids at Giza and get up close to the enigmatic Sphinx
  •  See some of the most historic towns and cities
  •  Enjoy middle-eastern courtesy and hospitality
  •  Participate in special activities, such as an Egyptian cooking class

Day 1: Welcome to Cairo 

Arrive in Cairo, meet your private Egyptologist, explore the famous Pyramids of Giza. Have a special lunch at the Mena House Hotel in its heyday, many of the great and good either stayed or ate here, including Winston Churchill in 1914 and President Nixon in 1974. 

Choose between the Middle Eastern or Indian classics menu, while enjoying majestic views of the Pyramids and lavish gardens. 

Continue to the stunning new Grand Egyptian Museum, housing over 100,000 artifacts.

Day 2: Luxor Nile Cruise

Transfer to Cairo Airport for your flight to Luxor, upon arrival to Luxor you will be transferred to the embarkation point of your boat, where you have some time to settle into your cabins. After a delicious lunch on board, your Egyptologist will take you on a tour of the East Bank including the temples of Luxor and Karnak. Return to the boat for afternoon tea in the lounge. This evening, enjoy a cocktail reception and dinner, followed by live entertainment. 

Day 3: Nile Cruise, Luxor- Valley of the Kings

Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet before visiting the West Bank of Luxor to explore the Valley of the Kings, the burial site for pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Ramses II, as well as queens, nobility and high priests. The tombs showcase elaborate preparations for the next world, in which pharaohs were expected to become one with the gods. Visit at least one tomb in the Valley of the Queens, as well as the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, built to honor the only female Pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt. Return to the boat, passing the Colossi of Memnon en route. Lunch will be served back on board while the boat sets sail for Esna. After lunch, spend a leisurely afternoon, watching life unfold along the Nile.

Day 4: Esna, Greco-Roman Temple of Khnum

Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet before visiting the Greco-Roman Temple of Khnum at Esna with your Egyptologist. During the afternoon, explore the extraordinary Temple of Horus, considered to be the most impressive of all the riverside temples between Aswan and Luxor. Admire the uncovered temple with its huge gateway and decorative reliefs, guarded by enormous statues of the god Horus. Return to the boat, where afternoon tea will be served in the lounge. There will be the opportunity to take part in an Egyptian cooking lesson as you set sail for Kom Ombo.

Day 5: Kom Ombo-Cairo

Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet before visiting the twin temples of Kom Ombo. This magnificent twin temple perches on a bend in the river and is dedicated to the crocodile god, Sobek. Return to the boat and set sail for Aswan. Enjoy lunch on board, followed by a short motorboat ride to visit Philae Temple, sitting majestically on an island in Lake Nasser. Continue on to the Granite Quarries, which supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the stone used to construct their pyramids and temples, and still hold a huge unfinished obelisk. Return to the boat in time for afternoon tea.

Day 6: Abu Simbel

Depart Aswan for your flight to Abu Simbel. Upon arrival, you will be escorted with a guide, as part of a group, to visit the ancient temple complex of Abu Simbel. These temples, carved dramatically into a solid rock face, are among the most magnificent monuments in the world. Abu Simbel was completely relocated as a result of the rising water level resulting from the creation of Lake Nasser. At the end of the tour, return to Aswan by air. Arrive at your hotel and check-in.

Day 7: Departure- Farewell – maʿ al-salāmah

Transfer to Aswan airport for your flight to Cairo, and connecting to your flight back home.