Step into the land of the Pharaohs, discover the ancient treasures, cultures and remnants of a country with a long, rich and fascinating past.  See 5500 years of history living in the people of Egypt, in the markets and squares, along the banks of the Nile and in the red- and orange-hued colors of the setting sun reflected in the endless sand of the Sahara Desert.

Will you follow in the footsteps of Cleopatra, cruise the Nile in a traditional wooden sailboat known as a felucca, camel-trek around the ancient pyramids and sip tea or eat baba ghanouj with the locals? Or would you rather just chill in the pool of your five-star Nile cruise ship while experiencing Egyptian hospitality at its best?

On the West Bank of the Nile river and the Valley of the Kings, we’ll discover magnificent tombs carved deep into desert rocks. These tombs tell their own stories through the treasures of the afterlife, gifted to generations of Pharaohs. From witnessing the great Sphinx of Giza to stunning temples all the way to a culinary adventure of spices and meats. Here, you’ll discover many facets of religion and history where it all began, from the mosques of Islamic Cairo to the churches of Cairo’s Coptic population, as well as the magnificent temples of the city’s Jewish community. At night, we’ll roam the markets of Cairo and discover ancient books, trinkets, and handcrafted jewelry boxes alongside Kilim carpets.

Egypt is a gateway to discovery, land of ancient monuments, and filled with stunning remains of the past – all topped off with seaside excursions to explore coral reefs and the fascinating red sea’s Blue Hole.  Join us as we travel, eat and connect throughout the cradle of civilization.

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