South America has it all – ancient and modern, nature and urban –  it is an urbanite’s dream and an adventure lover’s paradise. In Argentina, we’ll feast on the bountiful local ingredients, Asado style. In Buenos Aires, we’ll discover everything from fashionable boutiques and galleries to bohemian neighborhoods with cobblestone roads and colonial-style buildings. 

In Rio De Janeiro, we’ll go on boat rides, dive into snorkeling, and discover one of the most musical places in the world. This is truly a place with a vibe of endless energy to warm your soul! Explore Patagonia, known as the ‘end of the world’, in Southern Chile, you’ll marvel at the majestic glaciers and stunning lagoons. We’ll absorb the local energy with salsa, tango, and samba.

We’ll spend time with communities that you didn’t even know existed, enjoy intimate encounters with artisans, bricklayers, cooks, and young entrepreneurs.  Feel the spray of the Iguazu Falls, discover gaucho traditions, take a photography safari in the Pantanal in Brasil. Climb Macchu Picchu and explore the other-worldly Galapagos Islands.

The opportunities here are endless and fascinating, and adventure waits for you at every turn! Together, we’ll dive deeper into the language, the customs, and – naturally – the food.

A mix of living and ancient cultures, a blend of music and energy unlike anywhere else, and an abundance of gastronomy, South America is truly the place to immerse yourself in so much learning through your soul, not to mention your palate.

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