The World Is a Puzzle: Let’s Start Putting The Pieces Together
Travel. Eat. Connect.

For the last decade, Puzzle International has designed tailor-made trips for people from all walks of life. In doing so, we have created opportunities that last a lifetime while connecting, traveling, and eating our way through Israel. Whether climbing the mountains of the Galilee to connecting with tiny communities in the deserts of Israel, our job is to make the magic happen..

We are excited to introduce Puzzle International, an innovative travel company that offers a premium travel experience that is tailor-made for your needs, wants, and dreams.

Whether it be an adventurous hike to the top of a stunning mountain view, an art lovers’ discovery tour, a culinary trip through the world, or a family-focused reunion, we’re here to make it happen. Our job is getting to know you and your hobbies so we can combine your needs and dreams with our zest for life, deep knowledge, extensive experience, and countless connections to create an unparalleled trip of a lifetime. 

No two puzzle pieces are the same – and no two tours should be either.

The World Is A Puzzle: Let’s Start Putting The Pieces Together.

With Puzzle International, you are about to experience an extraordinary, high-end journey crafted just for you by adventure professionals. Our trips are suited for people of all backgrounds and physical abilities.

It’s simple: you call the shots, and we make it happen.

Meet the team

That’s where we come in - your Puzzle International family.

Gabriel Najenson


Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Jerusalem. World Traveler, Tour Leader and goes by the name of Gabo the Guide.
After his 3-year military service, Gabriel left Israel to travel throughout Latin America where he discovered his passion for travel. After 14 months on the road as a ''Mochilero'', he arrived in the Yucatan Peninsula, where he settled on the Caribbean coast and lived there for 2 years until he decided to make a change and to live on an Island and explored his love for diving. After 4 years abroad, Gabo returned to Israel where he started his career as a tour guide. During that time, he was recruited to direct a Cyber-Intelligence start-up.
After getting a taste of the business world, Gabriel transformed his life again and started leading and guiding private groups in Israel and South America. Since then, he developed himself as an entrepreneur in the tourism field, where he finds his purpose till this day.
'' Traveling tends to MAGNIFY all Human Emotions.” Tyler Hodges

Nir Margalith


Nir grew up in Yuvalim, a village in Misgav, Israel, in the hilly region of the Lower Galilee. Since he can remember, hikes and trips in nature have always been in his soul and over the years he has traveled extensively with his family, friends, and on his own. In addition to his love for the outdoors Nir developed a passion for cooking and cuisine. After years of experience gained working alongside the best chefs in the country, the knowledge he acquired, and the recipes he perfected, Nir established his own catering company that was eventually integrated into Puzzle Israel and is now known as the Puzzle Israel Catering.

Guy Marom


Guy was born and raised in Koranit, Israel, in the Lower Galilee. The roots of his appreciation for nature and love of Israel stem from his grandparents’ history. After escaping the Holocaust, Guys ancestors settled in Israel and took to the work of building the land of Israel with their very own hands.
After his three-year army service Guy spent eight months traveling across New Zealand and the Far East. His travels around the world gave him a fresh perspective on Israel and an understanding of what makes his homeland so unique – a perspective he felt he must share with others. It also allowed him to see the world in a whole new way - up close and personal - and gave him the desire seek to bring travelers throughout the world and provide them the same opportunity.
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Tomer Golani


Tomer is a proud father of four children and was born in Netanya, Israel. He shares a passion for travel and exploration with his wife, Keren. With 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, Tomer previously worked as the VP of Operations for Geographical Tours Israel, a luxury international travel company. In his role, he oversaw the company's worldwide operation. With his expertise in the field, Tomer is now leading Puzzle Travel Group to become a leading provider of high-end travel experiences around the world. He places a strong emphasis on creating customized travel itineraries that offer clients an unparalleled level of luxury and personalization.

Naor Shaked


With a passion for adventure and a love for the great outdoors, Naor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having spent over a decade in the tourism industry, both as a certified tour guide and in various roles within the industry, Naor has truly explored every corner of Israel and is eager to share his experiences with others. In addition to his professional pursuits, Naor is a dedicated husband and father who values family time and finding new opportunities for adventure. When he's not working or spending time with his loved ones, you can find Naor on the soccer field, delving into history, or strumming away on his guitar next to the bonfire.

Itay Vaissman

Operations & Reservations

Itay, living in Tsur Igal, is a passionate outdoor guide from the small village of Deborah in northern Israel. With a background in a special reconnaissance unit and extensive travels, Itay used to lead canoe trips in Canada and bushcraft courses in Israel, sharing his love for the outdoors. Utilizing a wealth of 15 years' experience in youth organizations and movements, he places great emphasis on fostering experiential learning and adventure-based education within the captivating realm of natural landscapes. His backpacking trips have taken him through the diverse landscapes of the desert, Galilee, and Mediterranean Sea, showcasing the rugged beauty of Israel. Through these experiences, he believes that one can gain a deeper appreciation for the strength, perseverance, and natural beauty that define the Israeli spirit.

Denise Segalis

Customer Liaison

Born in Argentina, Denise decided to move to Israel to start a new path in the tourism industry and fell in love with the country. She is enthusiastic about diving, sports, and outdoor activities. With a degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences, Denise discovered her new passion for travel and decided to focus on sharing her experiences through her de ella Instagram account YallaWanderer. Having traveled to over 50 countries, she has incredible recommendations for unique destinations for all kinds of people.