Hiking the snow covered fresh cedar-filled  Atlas Mountains,  camel trekking to a Sahara Desert camp, shopping for Moroccan handicrafts, meeting local Berber women at argan oil cooperatives, discovering the tanneries in the Fes medina, dipping your toes in the Atlantic ocean on the white sand beaches of Essaouira, or tasting traditional Moroccan food at Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech. Bustling bazaars, age-old remains of civilizations past, hidden alleyways of ancient medinas.  Musicians, artisans, nomads.  Different cultures – old and new, vibrant markets filled with colors and sounds, welcoming hospitality.

Join us as we journey through Morocco

Puzzle Morocco

Begin in Marrakech, also known as the “Red City” for the red stones from which the city was built. It is a vibrant city in southwest Morocco at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Since most of Marrakech’s inhabitants are descendants of the Berbers, the origin of its name is likely derived from the barbarian language, in which the words ״mur״ and “akuch” mean “the city of God.” 

The great beauty of the city, its intense colors and its sensual atmosphere make this nickname live up to its name! Take in the flavors and aromas as we join together for a couscous rolling and tagine making workshop.  There’s nothing better than fresh spices straight from the market!

Take a moment to imagine Morocco’s wonderful beaches

Legzira Beach is windy and rocky: The most unique Moroccan beach is a home for a stunning stone arch that formed naturally after years of erosion.

Agadir is a modern city, along its beautiful coastline there are plenty of tourist resorts and exotic palm trees. Paradise Beach Kaf Lahmam is a slice of a shoreline with panoramic views. You can find fresh fish and traditional tagine (stew) being cooked on the beach.

Essaouira (once known as Mogador) has beaches that extend as far as the eye can see.  White sand.  Beautiful blue ocean.  And just adjacent to the beaches are fishmongers – making fresh fish each day.  What an amazing lunch!

Any seaside recreation that comes to mind could be found in Morocco. Just take a pick!

Visit the Fes medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and meander through its lively alleyways, stopping to enjoy leather craftsmen and taste the abundant spices.

Make your way to Casablanca via Meknes – and visit 2 UNESCO world heritage sites: the ancient walled city of Meknes and the well-preserved Roman ruins and stunning mosaic floors of Volubilis. 

We will finish in Casablanca 

Here’s looking at you kid!