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For the last decade, Puzzle Israel has designed tailor-made trips for people from all walks of life. In doing so, we have created opportunities to travel, eat and connect that last a lifetime.
Whether climbing the mountains of the Galilee or connecting with tiny communities in the deserts of Israel, our job is to make the magic happen.

We are excited to introduce Puzzle International, an innovative travel company that offers a premium travel experience that is tailor-made for your needs, wants, and dreams.

Whether it be a tour that includes an adventurous hike to the top of a stunning mountain view, an art lovers’ discovery tour, a culinary journey anywhere in the world, or a family-focused reunion, we’re here to make it happen.
Our job is to get to know you and learn how you like to travel and listen to your needs. We combine your travel dreams with our zest for life, deep knowledge and extensive experience to create an unparalleled trip of a lifetime.

No two puzzle pieces are the same – and no two trips should be either.

The World Is A Puzzle: Let’s Start Putting The Pieces Together.


Reviews from Puzzle travelers who recently returned from their trips

Isaac Calzo

A Brilliant Company

Many thanks to Puzzle for a very well organized tour of Israel, Jordan & Egypt. Everything ran like clockwork, with excellent guides (particularly Javier!). All the organized transport and tour guides were perfectly on time and very knowledgeable and also made us feel very safe throughout our tours. Many thanks to Puzzle for also going beyond the call of duty in helping us organize alternative flights when our own arrangements were canceled!

Marc & Susan Fox

A Perfect Trip

From an amazing guide that totally related to the kid’s sense of humor, to top-notch experiences whether it was an active activity, culinary activity or a history lesson. Everybody was professional and very knowledgeable in their subject areas. Would recommend Puzzle for any trip and look forward to our next adventure together!

Thomas and Joanne

Fabulous people with perfect attention to all the details!

Our Puzzle 10-day tour was amazing from start to finish. With very full days of so many important sites and experiences, the extremely personable and knowledgeable Puzzle guides and the other staffers made everything fun, informative and memorable.

Bonnie Hertz

Puzzle has crafted a superb family trip!

They arranged for absolutely the right guide for us, of course, we hit all the major sports, but in addition, we were ALL thoroughly impressed with some of the little side trips and activities. I cannot count how many times we all turned to each other and stated that we would never have known to even look for some of these options! The hotels were all lovely, all the dining they selected for us was fabulous (many extra pounds fabulous), and all the little extra helpful conversations, information, etc were all there to make the experience unique, meaningful and loads of fun. I would recommend Deb and this group to anyone who wants to travel differently.

Alison Cohen

I just returned from a fantastic journey!

What an amazing trip! Thank you so much for all of the time and energy spent on putting everything together. It really was incredible for so many reasons. Our guides were outstanding- every one of them. We felt very well taken care of throughout our trip- even when we were traveling on our own they helped us arrange various activities. Finally, you were so flexible with last-minute changes that were needed and to the participants on the trip, it felt seamless. Puzzle gave us a wonderful custom adventure.

Sue and Wally Roberts

Excellent in all respects

We have been fortunate to have traveled in many parts of the world during the past 50 years. While many trips were excellent, this past one with Puzzle was outstanding; give it 6 stars. From our first contact with Deb, our wishes and thoughts were carefully considered, revised as necessary, and the final plan was perfect. Entire Puzzle staff and guides were welcoming, informative, and ready to do anything to make our two weeks the best possible. Wonderful hotels & restaurants.

Jonathan and Pam Kayne

Without a doubt, the best high-end tour operator!

Puzzle is, hands down, the best tour operator that we have ever used...ANYWHERE!! We are admittedly very particular travelers and tend to stay at top-notch hotels. When traveling, we expect amazing service. Puzzle understands this and deals with the best of the best. They pay attention to detail. Suffice it to say that this was the trip of a lifetime that crossed off every item on our list of "must-do. Their trip is like nothing I have ever experienced and like nothing I will ever again experience on future trips.

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